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When you send us this request you will receive from us a proposal, with the price, and if you confirm your interest in this proposal we will send you the brochure of the relevant school, (or point you towards its website), without charge.

If you do decide to book a course at the school or schools illustrated in the brochure or on the website, you hereby undertake ( = promise) not to use any other intermediary or agency than Independent English Ltd to make any such booking.

If you choose to pay the school's fees through Independent English, we will charge you exactly the same fees as those published by the school itself, plus coverage of bank charges (GBP 14 if fees are in GBP, or GBP 19 if fees are in other currencies), plus our own booking assistance fee of GBP 28 (or € 40), or GBP 44 (or € 63) in the case of more complex bookings, (with a supplement of GBP 6/ € 9 for bookings outside Europe).

You can also use our assistance, and pay the school's fees directly to the school.

As an alternative, you also have the option of paying only the school's fees and of not needing to pay Independent English, if you book with the school directly and handle the enrolment procedure yourself; but if you do decide to enrol directly, you hereby undertake (= promise) to inform Independent English that you are doing this. Informing us that you are making a direct booking will not involve you in any extra cost, and you will enjoy the benefit that Independent English will consider you as one of our clients and will make our services available for any possible problem that may arise after you have started your course .

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