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1) Do you want to make your own booking with the help of Independent English ?
If you reply ‘YES' then complete the enrolment form below, or fill in and fax to us on (1) 206 2020723 the form you have found in the school's brochure.

( We will ask you to pay us a service charge of GBP 28 / € 40 per person for a simple booking of course and/or accommodation provided by the school, or GBP 44 / € 63 if it is a more complex booking such as a course plus work experience or similar, or a series of courses; plus a supplement of GBP 6 / € 9 for bookings outside Europe. We may also offer you our insurance policy where applicable, in which case we will charge you for the premium. However in any case the school's fees that you will pay are those fixed by the school itself without any increase or mark-up by us. You will only have to pay our service charges and the school fees, if your booking is accepted by the school in question. If it is not accepted by the school for any reason you will pay nothing. In cases where you require a visa, some schools may make a small admin charge if your booking is refused owing to your having been refused a visa.)

2) Do you want to pay the school's fees directly to the school, but still enjoy IE's assistance?
If you reply ‘YES' then proceed as above. You will make two separate payments: the school fees to the school, and I.E.'s service charges to I.E. If in these cases you wish to pay the school's fees to the school by credit card, see below.

3) Do you want to make your booking directly with the school and pay the school directly and NOT enjoy the assistance of Independent English Ltd.?

If you reply ‘YES' then do not use the form below, which belongs to Independent English Ltd., but go to the school's internet site or simply complete the school's own enrolment form and fax it directly to the school. You will not have to pay anything to I.E. if you do this, but you must inform us . You can do this by sending us a simple email, or by faxing us a copy of your enrolment form, marking it clearly "FOR INFORMATION ONLY". This will not cost you anything, but by informing us you will enjoy the benefit that we will consider you as a client of I.E., and will be available to assist you after your arrival at the school, should a problem arise that cannot be resolved immediately by the school itself .


( You can use this online form to enrol in your chosen English language course, but not for programmes of “study + work”, for which you must use the printed form provided with the brochure, and fax it to us or if you have a scanner send the printed form to us as an email attachment.)

N.B. Payments and credit card payments. Some schools accept payment by credit card or debit card. If you want to pay the school fees directly to the school by credit or debit card, then you must use the printed enrolment form provided by the school itself. Fill in the form first without writing your credit card details on it (and writing "For information only" if you do NOT want us to assist you); first, fax the form to us on (+1)206.2020723; then, put your credit card details in the spaces provided in the same form and fax it to the school on the school's fax number. This is for the security of your credit card details, which should not be transmitted on unprotected connections through the internet.

If you are paying the school's fees to the school, and our charges to us, we will ask you to pay the latter by bank transfer.

If you wish to pay the entire fees to us we will ask you to do so by bank transfer, following the instructions that are given on our invoice, which we shall send you once your booking has been cleared with the school.

Please reply to all the questions marked with an asterisk*


* If your language does not use the European/Latin alphabet, please copy your first name and family name exactly as they are written in your passport
Family name:

* First name:

* Date of Birth (day/month/year):

* Sex:

* Occupation:

* Mother tongue:

* Citizenship:

Passport/Identity Card Number:

* Complete postal address (where we can contact you with correspondence regarding this booking.

* Telephone Number (preferably land line) with city code:


* E-mail:

* Do you smoke?:

* Your present level of English:

Any personal requirement that the school should be aware of (e.g.: health, diet, allergy, religion etc):


* Name of the school you have chosen:

* Location of the school you have chosen:

* The course you have chosen (give us the code number of the course as specified in the school's brochure, and/or the name of the course with a clear and complete description including any possible combinations; for example ”with 10 private lessons per week”.):

* Number of weekly class lessons:

* Course start date (day/month/year):

* Date of course completion (day/month/year):

* Number of weeks:

Any special requests for your course:

(For business executives whose company is sending them on a course) Company name and contact person to whom the school should refer if required:


*Do you want the school to organize your accommodation?

If your answer is No, you should give us your contact details with the telephone number where you will be staying during the course, and then go to the next section “Insurance”:

If you wish the school to organise your accommodation, your requirements would be the following:

(N.B. Make sure that your requirements are all offered in the school's brochure. If one of them is not; for example a private bathroom, then do not ask for it, as you won't get it !)

Type of accommodation (You are asked to copy exactly the complete description from the school's brochure or CD-Rom including any possible identification code, and to specify the type of accommodation such as “host family”, “student residence”, “shared apartment”, “hotel” etc, with other particulars such as “Standard”, “Executive” etc.):


If twin or multiple specify whether you are arriving alone or will be accompanied by friends/family members; whether you will need single or double beds; and whether they are booking a course at the school or not):



Smoking :

Hobbies and special interests (essential for courses “in the teacher's home”):

* Date of arrival at the accommodation (day/month/year):

* Date of departure from the accommodation (day/month/year) :

*Length of stay in weeks

Any special requests regarding accommodation:


*Do you need insurance?

Any comments regarding insurance:

N.B. If your course is in the United Kingdom and you wish to be insured, we shall sign you up to our insurance policy (the summary was in the brochure you received).If you are travelling to other destinations (outside the UK), we may offer you the insurance offered by the school.Some schools insist that their students be covered and will automatically include you in their insurance policy, unless you show that you already have your own policy.

.*Do you already have your own insurance policy, which will cover you for this trip/stay?


We do not organize your journey. You must do this yourself. You can often do this easily by contacting an airline company over the Internet. You must also arrange your visa if one is necessary by contacting the nearest consulate or embassy of the country you intend to visit. The school will send you the necessary documents for the issuing of your possible visa – when applicable you will be charged for the delivery charges involved in sending documents for a visa to the United States.

N.B. You are responsible for obtaining your visa and other necessary travel documents, and for finding out what rules apply to you. The rules on visas set by the various destination countries for visitors of different nationalities, can change. Therefore, before you answer our question below, "No, I do not require documents for a visa application", we strongly advise you to check up on the current rules, by calling the embassy of the country you wish to visit. If you are not a citizen of the EU we advise you to check for all countries, and even if you are a citizen of the EU you should check especially for countries outside Europe. And remember to leave yourself enough time to carry out all the formalities they may require of you (such as, for example, to visit the embassy for an interview).
If you request a visa and it is refused, the embassy will give you a letter of refusal, and on presentation of this letter the schools will always refund any payments you may have made already (although some may retain a small amount to cover administrative costs - see the "terms and conditions" in the school's brochure). But if you fail to request a visa, or to do so in time, and then discover too late that you did need a visa, and therefore find that you are unable to travel to the country and to do the course, the school may treat this as a cancellation, and apply the penalties for cancellations stated in their conditions.

* Do you require documents for a visa application?

All our schools offer a transfer service from and to the airport. (this is obligatory if travelling as an unaccompanied minor).

Whether you request a transfer or not, the school will need to know the details of your arrival. These are (if you already know them):

Name of the airport/port:

Date of arrival (day/month/year):

Time of arrival:

Flight number (for the last leg of your flight):

Any comments regarding the transfer:

* You do not yet know the details of your arrival, but you will send them at least one week before your arrival:



Choose amongst 3 possible payment options:

  • You can pay the entire amount to Independent English Ltd. in a single payment. (This is obligatory for a “late” payment, that is within 4 weeks before the date of your arrival in the country where you will do the course)
  • You can pay the entire amount to Independent English Ltd. in two instalments (an initial payment to confirm the booking, and the balance at least 4 weeks before arrival)
  • You can pay the school's fees and charges directly to the school, paying Independent English Ltd. separately for our assistance with your enrolment and insurance premium (if applicable).
    * You wish to pay:

If you wish the invoice to be made out to a name or address which is different from those you gave above, please indicate here the details which you wish to appear on the invoice. If it is to be made out to a company, please indicate the name of the person who will be responsible for settling the invoice:

By clicking here below you confirm that you have read, understood and accepted the terms and conditions of the school, or organisation arranging the course, as published. In cases where the organisation arranging the course is Independent English Ltd. itself the agreement between the parties is subject to English jurisdiction.If the booking is made on behalf of a minor, then this application must be submitted by a parent or guardian. In this case please give here the name and address of the person concerned and state his/her relationship with the minor:

You accept that your details will be handled as envisaged by the relevant regulations as applicable

You will not have to pay anything until we have checked there is availability for what you have booked. You will then receive written confirmation with the invoice and payment instructions.