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Click on the blue button "Select your course", complete our questionnaire and you will see straight away some personalised proposals matching all your requirements. This is by far the quickest way of getting the information you seek. It costs you nothing and is without obligation. You will also see how much your chosen option costs, and the accommodation options offered with each course. When you think one of the proposals is what you probably want, you can then follow the instructions you see on your screen to receive the brochure of the school, and we will tell you how to make the booking
We believe that you will learn a language much faster when you take a course in a country where it is the native tongue. The 'artificial' exercises and 'simulations' practiced in the classroom will then become immediately useful and can be put into practice as soon as you walk out of the school's front door into the street. Clearly, it is your experience of real, everyday life conducted in the language that makes the grammar structures and vocabulary you are learning in the classroom really 'stick', and fixes the language with a deep and lasting impression in your mind.

In consequence, we generally advise the potential client to spend as long as possible following a course in a country where English is spoken. As it is often difficult for those who work to find the time to take a prolonged period of study abroad, we advise regular, frequent stays as often as possible and for as long as is possible, backed by courses at home and other 'support activities' between trips in order to speed up the learning process and to make optimal use of the time available. "Support activities" can include interactive lessons on the internet which are offered by some of our schools as preparation and follow-up for their courses. And for those who live in Europe within two hours' flying time from the UK, "weekend" intensive courses in the teacher's home can be an excellent way of using scarce time for those who are very busy.

Another consideration for our clients, whether they be direct users or perhaps indirect users like a company personnel training manager or parents selecting a school for their children, is that for obvious reasons it is often difficult to check personally the quality of a school in a foreign country.

This is where the impartial advice from an independent expert organisation, which has contact with scores of different schools, but which for this very reason is independent from each of them, can prove to be so valuable. The options available are viewed from the client's point of view and advice is proffered that best suits the client's interests and requirements.

Since 1982 we have built up relations with more than 30 organisations, owners of language schools; some owners of a single school, others owners of several; in different countries and in different continents. The schools we work with are located in England & Wales, Scotland, Ireland, the United States, Malta, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and South Africa.

They are all schools of proven reputation, that offer the client excellent guarantees of reliability and quality, as they are approved by the appropriate national controlling body (in the United Kingdom for instance this means by the British Council), and have also been inspected by ourselves.

Together they offer around 1000 different courses, with (or without, if preferred) a variety of accommodation options, and we have all their details in our data bank which you may consult right now. If you are unable to find what you want by searching our database, we will conduct a manual search for you (click the red button), but we do encourage you to try the database first, also because you will get the information you seek so much faster - in seconds, rather than in days. .

Whether automatically or manually, we select for each individual request a course that best matches all the requirements expressed by the enquirer.

The school's own fees are paid without any mark-up or additional charge, and we offer not only assistance with the selection of school, but also with the booking of the course and the accommodation, as well as with payment if so desired. For courses taken in the UK, we offer a comprehensive specially-designed insurance policy; for those taken elsewhere, the schools often provide their own insurance, or clients may make their own arrangements. As regards travel, you will be best advised to make your own arrangements for travel to your destination (it can be so inexpensive, especially if done through the internet), but after you have landed at a port or airport we can arrange for you to be met by car and driven to your accommodation.

In order to enjoy all these advantages, you simply complete our online form which will give you access to our unique database and allow you to select your course and accommodation amongst the enormous variety we offer.

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